August 2014


In a way I am glad that the sun hasn't come out much this week as it has given me a chance to try out my new enamel paints. They can be used on most surfaces, glass, pottery and plastic and I have painted nearly everything that doesn't move. The cats have been giving me a wide berth scared that they will end up with a flower or butterfly on their back if they stay still too long. Mmmm.

The paints have worked well on the herb pots, which I am taking to the Erith Fun Day on the 30th August. I am in the process of uploading pics of these as a sneak preview.

I have been painting lots of new stock for the Fun day as well as prepping for a make and take for the kids so I hope to see you there.

I am also working on a commision for a lovely customer that I met at the Demelza Fair. It is on its way Maddy.

Banner and business cards are on order, and more bookings being organised, and I thought that I would be a lady of leisure!

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